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The Co-Op Is Selling Huge Packs Of Halloumi Crisps For Just £1

Halloumi on-the-go, in a crisp. I'm sold!

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Universities Ordered To Compensate Students Over Staff Strikes

The payouts were ordered by the higher education ombudsman for England and Wales following numerous complaints.

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250,000 People Sign Petition To Rewrite Game Of Thrones Season Eight

“This series deserves a final season that makes sense. Subvert my expectations and make it happen, HBO!”

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Bristol University Offering 'Happiness Course' That Counts Towards Degrees

The 'Science of Happiness' course will count towards 20 of the 120 credits for first year students, no matter what they're studying.

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Man Arrested After Conning KFC Into Giving Him Free Food For A Year

The unnamed man told employees he'd been sent from the KFC headquarters to carry out ‘quality checks’.

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Unconditional Offers: What Are They And Should You Always Accept Them?

So, an unconditional offer, sounds great yeah? Well it is, however there are still some important things to consider…

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