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International Student Discounts

TOTUM, powered by NUS extra, has partnered with International Student Identify Card (ISIC) to give all TOTUM student members a one-year membership to ISIC for no additional cost.

This opens up access to literally thousands upon thousands of international student discounts, in fact over 150,000 are available in over 130 counties.

That's pretty global in our view.

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So if you're planning on leaving the UK - on holiday, on a gap year, to study abroad, visiting family and friends, or going back home for the summer, you need your ISIC membership to get access to these discounts.

Just a small selection of the current ISIC student discounts available, include:

  • 30% off Lonely Planet

  • 5% off Homestay

  • 10% discount on Sandemans New Europe Tours

  • 33% off at Sea Life Orlando

  • 5% off BimBim Bike rentals across 660 locations in 37 countries

  • 25% off at Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted Express

  • 10% off Meininger Hotels

  • ACP Rail offers $10 off Eurail Global Rail Pass + youth discounts of up to 35%

  • + 150,000 more!

For more information about the ISIC international discounts available to you when you become a TOTUM student member, head over to the ISIC website.

When you've joined TOTUM your ISIC card is accessible via the wallet in the TOTUM app. Your ISIC membership is not printed on your physical TOTUM card.

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