Ben HaywardMarch 31st

So, having already brought you the 2,000 piece ‘hell jigsaw puzzle’, we’ve got another puzzle that could have you tearing your hair out in no time. 

This one is totally, completely see-through. Yep. 

Available on an Etsy shop called LittleFlowerPotShop, you could take on the challenge of completing this jigsaw that provides you with absolutely no point of reference to work with.

There are four different versions for you to choose from in levels of difficulty ranging from nine pieces, 25 pieces, the hard version consisting of 49, and the 'crazy' version which has 144 tiny see-through pieces.

Sound like the kind of thing you’d like to spend your new-found free time doing? Pricing for the custom puzzles begins at £14.33, with an extra £11.63 to have it shipped to the UK. 

They have already sold out of the two most difficult versions though - some people really are suckers for punishment aren’t they! 

The company have reassured potential customers that they're working to try and get them back into stock for April, so if you’ve tried the easier ones and found them to be too little of a challenge you c Ould always check back in a couple of weeks time.

If that tickles your fancy, you could always try out the aforementioned 2,000 piece ‘/hell puzzle’ 

This monster comprises no obvious pattern, no images, no colours and no words. It’s literally a blank page that’s been cut up for you to put back together again.

It’s safe to say this one is not for the fair-weather jigsawists among us, but if there ever was a time to give something like this a go, this is probably it.

The 2,000 piece version is available on eBay, or if you fancy an easy ride, there’s a 1,000 piece version available on Amazon. But we reckon it’s a case of ‘go big or go home’ with this one!

Reviews have said the puzzle stopped players ‘dead in their tracks’, with one even suggesting it would be the perfect gift to ‘torture someone who loves puzzles’.

If either of those sound like a little bit too much, here are some other awesom jigsaws we've spotted on our travels!

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Start at the corners. Amirite?

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