Abigail MeadowOctober 17th

Give your testi's some TLC with this new jacuzzi for your balls.

Before you roll your eyes, this is not a fake or joke product, the website insists it's an 'actual product' and not a gag gift!

If I were a boy, I'm sure this would be on the top of my christmas list... but I've got one of those V's where boys have a P so it's slightly hard to relate...


However, the Testicuzzi website explains: "What started out as a funny conversation between friends a year ago, quickly turned into a conversation of ‘We Should Totally Do This!’

"The Testicuzzi was conceived in a conversation about dating, drinking and random trends. As many of those [conversations] go, we decided to take what ultimately was funny conversation and turn it into reality.

"The Testicuzzi is the perfect gift for the man that genuinely cares about his testicles hap-penis. One dunk of the boys into this fine testicle jacuzzi is sure to tickle your fancy and sooth your manliness.

You can watch the advert below:

"The Testicuzzi features an ultra-soft pre-cast silicone pillow to rest your largest member on, a deep reservoir to dunk the tea bag into, battery-powered bubbles and hours of pleasure."

The company is estimating a delivery date of December 10th, so just enough time for you to get the males in your family that Christmas gift they never knew they wanted...


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