Laura RoganJuly 9th

Ever wondered in to the kitchen knowing you want something, before realising that it's a nice, ice cold pint fresh from the tap that you're in the market for? Well, Amazon want to make those dreams come true.

In a world where we have our very own robotic friends like Alexa and the ability to send people to the moon, you'd think we'd have been advanced enough already to provide a solution craved by many - the experience of going to the pub for a solid pint, without actually going to the pub - and now, thanks to Amazon, we may just have one.


Describing the product with "Pour perfect draught beer, on tap, at home", the SUB Compact Edition Draught Beer System uses unique cooling technology and a TORP loading system to create the perfect pint. The beer is kept fresh for 15 days (like you'd need that long), and chills to a fresh 2 degrees celsius. Perfect for a post-work wind down.

The keg also has the option of a variety of lager brands varying from Heineken, Birra Moretti, Tiger, Amstel and more. Each TORP provides 4 refreshing pints, and you can even choose the colour that best suits your kitchen - including a Heineken version, matte black, red and grey.


A pack of 5 TORPs will set you back £50, which equates to £2.50 per pint and the actual Draught Beer System is priced at £79.99 - which if you really need some convincing, means your new home-pub would equate to £1.50 a week, much cheaper than the real deal. So, if you're anything like most of us and prefer to wind-down alone without having to socialise but still experience the refreshing taste of a fresh pint - this one's for you.

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