Eric BlairFebruary 11th

With temperatures in the negatives across large parts of the UK this week, we could all do with a bit of extra snuggle in our lives. 

And while your classic blankets and woolly jumpers are all good, they will only go so far - which is why it’s a good job you can get yourself a big massive hot water bottle to wrap right around you!

Available on Amazon, the Body Bottle by YuYu is priced at £24.99 (not including delivery) and could be the answer to your shivery prayers. 

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According to the product description on the site, the Body Bottle holds around 1-1.5 litres of water and has a cosy fleece fabric to snuggle up to - great for both keeping warm and soothing aches and pains.

The fleece covers are easy to care for - you can wash them at 30°C and it even comes with an extendable strap so you can wear it  around your waist or back!

It’s made from high-quality biodegradable rubber - rather than PVC - and is designed with a series of bumps on the surface of the bottle to trap air under the fabric so it stays warmer for longer.

The advert also has directions for use to ensure you get the most out of the Body Bottle and stay safe.

As with any hot water bottle, you shouldn’t use boiling water straight from the kettle, but should let it cool for a couple of minutes before filling it up.

Only fill it half to two-thirds full and make sure to expel excess air from the bottle before replacing the stopper, and - of course - ensure it is secured tightened to prevent leakage.

When not in use, they suggest keeping your bottle empty of water and even to try hanging it upside down with the stopper off to let it completely dry out before you use its again.

You’re also advised to keep it away from direct exposure to sunlight as it can discolour the bottle and harm the rubber, ageing and degrading it.

Those cold winter nights just got a little bit better… 

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