Eric BlairJuly 11th

There are few things more relaxing than lying out in the sunshine reading a damn good book. 

However, just as you’re really getting into it, your neck and arms start to ache, you try lying on your back but the sun is just getting in your eyes - all you wish is that you could somehow lie flat on your front, arms outstretched, enjoying your read (sound the first world problems klaxon, I know...). 

If all that sounds pretty familiar to you, we could have just the thing you’ve been waiting for… The clever folk at Ostrich have created a sun lounger especially for those of us who like nothing more than sunbathing and reading for hours on end.


The Ostrich Chaise Lounge is basically your common-or-garden lounger but with one very important distinction - it features a cushioned hole for you to place your head when you want to lay on your stomach and read. So simple, yet so effective!

But don’t worry, when you’re done reading and fancy some regular relaxation all you’ve got to do is cover the hole with the included pillow and it magically transforms back into a normal sun lounger.

The product description on the Ostrich website reads: "Treat yourself to this versatile chaise lounge. Patented open/close face cavity with arm holes allows you to lie on your back or stomach. 


"Four positions let you recline or lay flat. Lightweight and portable, take your personal tanning bed/massage table/reading chair with you and succumb to the complete comfort experience.”

There’s a pretty decent selection of colours to choose from, with the chaise coming in blue, red, yellow, pink and blue-and-white-striped. 

Priced at just £49 per chair they’re actually pretty reasonably priced - just head over to Amazon and order one!


According to Ostrich the loungers are lightweight, making them easy to take to the beach (or move them quickly indoors when it starts to rain) and although some Amazon reviews voiced concerns about the light fabric's durability and the chair's stability, Ostrich reassured them that storing the chairs in the shade will prevent wear and tear.

The perfect summer accessory? I think so… 

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