Eric BlairJuly 10th

Following her shock exit from the Love Island villa, Amy Hart has revealed the exact moment she knew she couldn’t stay any longer.

In an interview with The Sun, the 26-year-old revealed she left the villa due to her mental health, saying her anxiety was so bad following the breakdown of her and Curtis’ relationship that the show’s producers had to force her to eat.

“I chose my mental health over the reality show,” she said, going on to say that living in the same space as her ‘first love’ as well as having to watch him crack on with Maura would be ‘self-sabotage’.


"I've given up a place that 130,000 people applied for but I had to leave as I wasn't myself any more. I was in absolute despair," she said.

"I was grieving the loss of my first love, living in a house with him and watching one of my alleged friends get with him.

"I feel a million times better now I've left, but I defy anyone not to fall apart and be completely heartbroken. I was very confused. I couldn't eat, I lost six pounds."

The stress of the whole situation manifested in a complete loss of appetite, with Amy admitting she felt ‘so numb [she] didn't feel hungry’ and that as a result the producers would make her eat a bowl of food or ban her from the challenges.


But there was one very specific moment when Amy realised she couldn’t continue in the villa any longer. She revealed the final straw was watching Curtis ask Tommy how he felt when Molly-Mae told him she loved him.

Amy said: “I was thinking Curtis knows how it feels because I said I loved him. I thought 'I can't do this to myself any more'. So I went to the producers and told them I've decided I've had enough."

Despite widespread concerns over the mental health of contestants, Amy said she had access to a psychiatrist 24 hours a day, and that they gave her a number of useful tools to help deal with the challenges which arise from being on the reality show.

We’re just glad she’s feeling better!

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