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Ben Hayward April 20th

In pretty great news for those of us who are constantly misplacing things - Apple has launched a raft of new products, including the AirTag - a small tracker to help you keep tabs on your belongings. 

Launched at the tech giant’s Spring Loaded virtual product launch yesterday (April 20th) the devices connect to the Find My app allowing you to keep track of anything you attach it to, including bags, wallets, phones and keys. 

Available in a pack of one (£29) or four (£99) the AirTag will be available to buy from April 30th.


Apple's vice president of Worldwide iPhone Product Marketing, Kaiann Drance, said: "We're excited to bring this incredible new capability to iPhone users with the introduction of AirTag, leveraging the vast Find My network, to help them keep track of and find the important items in their lives.

"With its design, unparalleled finding experience, and built-in privacy and security features, AirTag will provide customers with another way to leverage the power of the Apple ecosystem and enhance the versatility of iPhone.”

AirTags are made of stainless steel and can apparently be customised with laser-etched designs (including 31 emojis), feature a user-replaceable battery, and protection against dust and water.


So, how do they work? Well, the AirTag will automatically connect to your iPhone via bluetooth when in range - just like AirPods then you can set it ups so that any items the AirTag is attached to have their own name, meaning you’ll you know exactly where all your stuff is whenever you can’t quite remember where you left it… 

Once it's all set up, it will appear in the 'new items' tab in the Find My app and you’ll be able to see either its current or ‘last known’ location, and if it’s nearby, the item will even play a sound to help you locate it  - tv remote and keys spring to mind… 

But the Spring launch didn’t end there - Apple also launched a brand new iMac, which has been majorly overhauled for the first time in years, with the desktop computer now using the tech company’s own chips that first appeared in the MacBook Air, Pro and Mac Mini last year.


Boasting a 24-inch display, the iMac will be available in a selection of pastel colours and has had a new, improved webcam added at the top of the display as well as an improved mic - updates that were included with the recent rise in remote working and video calls in mind. 

Other new products include a new Apple TV 4K set-top box, new M1-powered iPad and iPad Pros, and new iPhone 12 colours, Apple Card Family & Apple Podcasts Subscriptions - all of which you can find out more about here.

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