BrewDog Boss Issues Warning Over £27.50 Pint | TOTUM
Holly BarrowJanuary 24th

James Watt, the owner of brewery and pub chain BrewDog, has claimed that people would be paying £27.50 for a pint if rising energy costs were accurately reflected in costs to customers.

Watt warned that it would be an 'utter disaster for the tens of thousands of businesses in the UK' if something isn't done soon to alleviate the current costs businesses are facing, claiming that the cost of one pint of his brewery's Punk IPA beer would have to go up to £27.50 if pubs were going to put their prices up in line with energy costs. While the cost of pretty much everything has skyrocketed in the UK in the past 18 months - from energy and fuel to food - Watt has insisted that the rising costs implemented by businesses do not cover those they are facing.


As a result, many businesses face no choice but to close their doors, with the Guardian reporting at the end of last year that more than 32 pubs in England and Wales closed each month in 2022.

In some parts of the UK, you can now expect to pay up to £8 for a pint, with experts predicting that the cost of a pint could reach almost £14 in the capital by 2025.

Taking to LinkedIn to shine a light on why exactly pubs are having to increase their costs and how these still fail to cover those the businesses are facing, Watt wrote: "Would you like to pay £27.50 for a pint of Punk IPA?   "Nope, I didn’t think so. But that’s how much you’d be paying in BrewDog York, for example, if we’d put up prices in line with our soaring energy bills.


"Or how about £48.75 for a burger and fries? Businesses all over the UK are facing the crippling combination of the worst cost inflation for decades and squeezed consumer spending power.

"Jeremy Hunt will make the situation worse when he rows back support for business energy bills from April. We’re only in the foothills of a crisis which poses a far bigger threat to companies than C-19."

He went on to add that many businesses won't survive 2023 as a result, and said: "If this means spending a bit more money to support business through this nightmare now, it’s better than spending the money on unemployment benefits if thousands of businesses go under."

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