Eric BlairSeptember 7th

It seems like it’s all go at the moment with a new tasty sounding snack hitting shelves every day.

And the latest has really got us intrigued, as Cadbury have released a so-called sharing pouch of mini chocolate chip cookies!

After a busy few weeks for the chocolate giant which saw the re-release of its infamous Chocolate Orange Twirl as well as the arrival of brand new orange flavoured giant Buttons and Fingers, the latest addition to Cadbury’s canon definitely has a kind of autumnal vibe to it.

We spotted the new release on the Instagram page of snack connoisseurs and all-round food news bible NewFoodsUK

There seems to be very little information out there at the moment, but Cadbury describe the new treats as ‘milk chocolate dipped mini cookies’ and it turns out that another Insta page - Kevssnackreviews - also got their hands on some.

Kev writes: “They’re £1.50 and are milk chocolate dipped mini cookies, a simple idea but a tasty one!

“They’re classic choc chip cookies really, nice and wheaty and I love the mini shapes of them - they’re great for eating one after the other!

“The milk chocolate coating the under layer isn’t Dairy Milk, but still has that slight Cadbury flavour and works nicely with the cookies. 

“They reminded me of Cadbury Animals biscuits actually. Quite moreish - once you open the bag it goes quickly!”

Anything that is reminiscent of Animal Biscuits is sure to be a winner! 

I’m just imagining kicking back with a brew and a pouch of those with the theme tune for Great British Bakeoff floating from the tv…

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