Eric BlairOctober 20th

As the festive season comes steaming towards us it’s difficult not to get excited about all the delicious sweet treats we’ve got coming our way.

And while the end of 2020 already can’t come soon enough for a lot of us, there’s now another reason to bring on 2021…

Cadbury has confirmed that it is launching a brand new product featuring one of its all-time seasonal greats - a Mini Eggs bar.

The sharing bar will apparently be made of Cadbury’s classic Dairy Milk Chocolate with Mini Eggs swirled into it - simple, effective, delicious. 

Speaking to Tyla, a spokesperson from Cadbury confirmed the news, saying: “It's true - our iconic Mini Eggs are coming to tablet form this Easter!

"We will be able to share more details on this new treat as well as the rest of our plans for a cracking Easter season very soon - so watch this space."

As you can imagine the good people of social media were pretty bowled over by the news. One person said: “Cadbury making a mini eggs chocolate bar is about the only good thing to come out this year." Another added: "2021 has already peaked.”

I guess the only real downside is that we’ll have to wait a good few months before we can get our hands on them, but good thing come to those who wait as they say. 

And who knows maybe it could inspire the return of one of the hottest trends from last Easter - Mini-egg nails!

Inspired by the crunchy and delicious Cadbury's snack, some very talented people are creating mini eggs on their nails using pastel colours and speckles.

The trend arrived just in time for Easter 2020, but be careful because you might mistake one of your nails for a chocolatey egg and bite it giving yourself a nasty injury.

The nails would be perfect for an Easter egg hunt and of course would look bangin' at the family roast (fingers crossed for that one) on Easter Sunday.

And one of the people who seems to have started the whole thing off is Jen - whose wonderful work you can see here:

Someone else who is bang on trend with these is Haus of Nails. You can check out their work below:

In the mean time we’ll just have to enjoy all that Christmas chocolate won’t we! 

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