Abigail MeadowOctober 6th

If you like Cadbury's Dairy Milk Caramel, trust us, you're going to be obsessed with this.

Cadbury's Caramilk is finally coming to the UK and we want all of it. Every. Last. Bit.

Caramilk is a combination of Cadbury's white chocolate and caramel...in case you couldn't work that one out.


It was originally sold in New Zealand and Australia until 1994 when it was sadly discontinued.

However, the choc obsessed had kept it in high demand which lead to Cadbury's deciding to cause a bit of a stir in February 2018 by bringing it back in Australia.

Originally priced at £1.69 per bar, the limited-edition treat ended up selling on the internet for 10 AUD per square.


And while our Australian pals have been able to get all up in Caramilk's grill, us Brits haven't been able to get our paws on the tasty bar... until now.

Enter GB Gift's... GB Gift's are selling it online from today, and for £6.99 a 180g bar could be all yours.

We know it's a little pricey but it's a special edition and it's getting shipped from the other side of the world, so why not, eh? Treat yourself.

With £1.99 worldwide shipping, you could have this incredibly delicious sweet treat in your mouth in no time.


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