Abigail MeadowOctober 9th

If you love cats and coffee this is legit the most perfect job for you.

The Cat Cafe Manchester, based in the Northern Quarter, are looking for a new 'Human Servant' to look after the needs of all its kitties.

Taking to Facebook, the Cafe posted a picture of the head honcho cat with a description of what he needs!


The post reads: “Hello I’m Dax and I am currently looking for a new head servant to look after me and all my friends. Your main responsibilities would obviously be feeding me, cleaning my toilet, grooming me, playing with me and giving me unlimited love and attention.

"Cat Cafe is all about me after all. My current head servant says the customers are pretty important too - so you also need to be able to look after them."

With cats as cute as Dax (one is even called bog eyed Bert) we can imagine the CVs will be flying in for this position.

We should probably mention that the actual title is assistant manager - so it's not exactly all about the cats, you've got to actually help with the running of the place. You’ll need an 'authentic love of cats and coffee' to be considered for the role, as well as at least two years' experience in a hospitality supervisor role.


As well as spending time playing parent to the cats, you will also have to do normal managerial stuff like stock takes, placing orders with suppliers, cashing up and ensuring the cafe meets monthly targets.

So if you live in Manchester, what are you waiting for? The cats are waiting.


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