Jasmine TomlinsonAugust 8th

Whether it's about politics, or the all-important question, is water wet? We can say that the world has had a fair few disagreements and debates over... different things... through the years.

This time, we've asked you guys out there what the best takeaway is and the results were certainly interesting.

From a star-quality menu of Chinese, fish & chips, kebab shop + pizza/ burger or Indian, the nation chose the easily-satisfying sweet and sour tastes of Chinese, with an impressive 40% of votes going towards this preferred option.


Indian came second, as 27% of votes agreed on the flavorsome explosion of India's curries and spices.

Lagging behind was fish & chips, only receiving a taste of the votes at 18%, a much smaller portion than those giant fishes you tend to get served at restaurants and can never really finish without feeling completely bloated afterwards. (Is this why it didn't get as many votes?)

But what happened to the fast-food hype of Saturday night pizzas and cheeky kebab shop visits? Just 15% of you were tempted by this classic option, and we weren't expecting it.

Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever been able to stop myself from taking one or two free prawn crackers from the tills at Chinese takeaways, the taste is irresistible, and hard to replace.


Well whatever your taste is, there's always a community of people out there who can agree with you and after all, you know what they say - food connects people! (It certainly does - I mean, if anyone wanted me to come over and converse over a shared pizza I sure wouldn't decline).

Another recent poll revealed the UK's favourite chip shop chip topping, and yet again it provided a surprising result...

There were only four options up for debate in this particular Twitter poll. The runners were gravy, curry sauce, cheese or mushy peas and it’s fair to say one of them won by a landslide.

Yes, that’s right, absolutely romping home with a stunning 40% of the vote was none-other than that staple of late night drunken chip shop sortie, curry sauce.


The Twitter poll, conducted by LADbible, revealed that out of the thousands of votes, curry (in its loosest possible sense) sauce finished a conclusive first with gravy in second (29%), cheese hot on its heels (28%), and mushy peas bringing up the rear with a poor showing of just 3%.

The nation has spoken...  

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