Ben HaywardMay 10th

I think you'd find it tough to say that the Co-op’s crisp game isn’t on point. 

From the Haloumi Fries that hit shelves last year to their Aromatic Duck & Hoisin to the most face-meltingly delicious Salt & Vinegar you can get your hands on, they’re a crisp connoisseur’s dream. 

And they’re not disappointing with the latest addition to their range either with three new flavours; katsu curry, kebab and dirty fries which are all channeling that takeaway vibe.


The supermarket launched the crisps inspired by restaurant faves this week, so next time you’re out shopping for your essentials there’s no harm in just chucking a couple of bags into your basket is there?

According to Co-op, the Irresistible Sizzling Spiced Chicken Kebab Crisps are the 'perfect choice for anyone missing the taste of a gourmet kebab’.

Seasoned with shawarma flavour as well as a hint of lemon, they deliver that the authentic kebab taste that you’ve been craving. 

The Irresistible Katsu Curry Crinkle Cut Crisps are seasoned with coriander, coconut and a rich fragrant spice blend for all you Wagamama fans out there and the Dirty Fries Crisps are inspired by loaded fries and seasoned with spiced cheese.


Margaret Withnell, product developer at Co-op, said: "We always look to perfect the nation's favourite flavours with our new crisp launches and I'm pretty confident that we've delivered with our Irresistible Sizzling Spiced Chicken Kebab Crisps this year.

"We've worked hard to capture the exact taste of a mouth-watering gourmet kebab in every single bite, from the iconic Middle Eastern shawarma flavour to just the right amount of lemon that you would usually squeeze over your dish.”

The katsu and kebab crisps are priced at £1.70 per bag, while the dirty fries option is cheaper at £1 - but don’t forget that TOTUM members get 10% student discount at the Co-op (you can read out your card number to staff so they don’t have to take it off you to swipe it at the till) so you’ll be getting an absolute bargain!

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