Eric BlairSeptember 3rd

As all the hight street coffee shops start launching their autumn menus, one of them has made a strong play to stand out from the crowd…

Amid a plethora of pumpkin lattes, Costa has released its new menu and - unsurprisingly - people have been quick to zero in on one particular item.

With all the hype surrounding Lotus Biscoff, it seems like a pretty shrewd move for the cafe chain to have included a rather delicious sounding Biscoff muffin on its menu update.


Just to get our mouths watering even more, the description says the spiced muffin will be ‘filled with Lotus Biscoff spread in its centre, and topped with smooth toffee icing and a whole delicious biscuit’.

Costa are also adding a brand new vegan chocolate, Caramel and Hazelnut Cookie, a Chocolate and Caramel Bun and a Seriously Chocolate Cake, topped with salted caramel and chocolate fudge icing and white and milk chocolate curls, which all sounds absolutely wonderful.

The classic Bonfire Spice Latte will of course be making a comeback this year after fans went mad for its caramel and toffee flavour backed up by cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom spice last autumn.


The Bonfire Spiced Hot Chocolate and the Bonfire Spiced Cold Brew are also making a comeback so there’ll be plenty of cosy autumnal choices as those evenings begin to draw in… 

The menu launches in stores tomorrow (Thursday September 5th), so there’s really not long to wait to try all the new treats that Costa has in store for us… 

If you feel like you’re going to be needing a Biscoff hit at home, you could always buy a bottle yourself a bottle of squeezy Biscoff sauce.

Ideal for everything from milkshakes to cheesecake topping to squeezing directly into your mouth, eager fans can pick up a Lotus Biscoff Topping Sauce Squeezy Bottle on Amazon.

Priced at £12.99 for 1kg of the stuff I wouldn’t say it’s too pricey, and judging by the reaction to the new product, it sounds like it could be worth every penny!

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