Ben HaywardMay 4th

Dame Judi Dench has become the oldest ever cover star for British Vogue at the age of 85.

Dame Judi has made history by appearing on the front cover of the June edition of the iconic style magazine, which was first published over 100 years ago.

The Oscar-winning actor was photographed just before lockdown for the issue, but the accompanying interview explores her experiences self-isolating at her home in Surrey, as well as opening up about her stellar career - revealing she has no plans to retire anytime soon!


In fact, when asked about hanging up her actions shoes, Dame Judi told Vogue: “No, no, no, no. Don't use that word, not in this house. Not in here. Wash your mouth out.”

Enough said I think!

When discussing the ongoing period of self isolation as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Dame Judi echoed what a lot of us are feeling at the moment. 

"I am sure I feel like everyone else, such unprecedented times are quite hard to comprehend,” she said.

"What is a good thing is that it has made people aware of the predicament of others who are completely alone. If a great deal of kindness comes out of this, then that will be a plus.”


She continued: "I haven't got my family with me, but we are keeping in touch lots by phone calls and FaceTime. I am disciplining myself to learn all the sonnets. I try to learn something new every day, anything."

Dame Judi has also done her bit to support our carers - appearing on a Choose Our Carers charity T-shirt to help raise funds for the NHS Charities Together and the Care Workers Charity - and has also become somewhat of a social media star during the lockdown.

Dame Judi


She’s appeared in videos posted by her family members, including one that her daughter, Finty Williams, posted to Twitter of her mum wearing a novelty dog hat with pop up ears, that has now been watched 5.4 million times.

Don’t go changing Dame Judi!

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