Charlotte FieldsJanuary 23rd

This is the cutest range I've ever seen and I need it all immediately.

Dunelm have really knocked it out of the park with their cute 21 piece sausage dog range, which any dog lover absolutely needs to deck out their room.

It includes everything you'd need.

From duvet sets (£15 to £19 for singles and £22 to £25 for doubles) to plaques (£5), photo frames featuring illustrations of the little doggos (£8), and pillow covers, embroidered cushions and a throw to bulk out your bed (£5, £8 and £12 respectively) you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something to brighten up your home.

Don’t have any reminders of how much you love dachshunds in your bathroom? Not a problem. There’s a sausage-dog themed wire caddy (£3) to remind you of your love for the adorable little pooches while you're answering nature’s call.  

And let’s not forget the kitchen… You can make yourself a dog’s dinner with the 12-piece dinner set (£20), stacking mugs (£10), a dish drainer (£7), and small and large kitchen canisters (£8 to £12). I'm sure your housemates would love you for it.

You can even get yourself a sausage dog hot waterbottle to keep you warm at night (£14).

You can also treat yourself to a hanging dog ornament (£2.50), a glittery coat hook (£7), dog peg bag (£3), and even a Dachshund-shaped planter for your garden (£39).

All products can be bought online and most of them are available in Dunelm’s stores across the UK.

It's time to deck out your uni house for a new term, so what are you waiting for, go go go!

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