Ben HaywardSeptember 10th

With most universities now just weeks away from returning, it sounds like a lot more remote studying will be required in order to minimise contact between large groups. 

So, as loads of us have already realised, it’s going to be incredibly important that we have the technology required to make working both from home and on-campus as smooth as possible  - which is where Dell comes in.

Not only has Dell got you covered for all your Laptop, Desktop, Monitor & Accessory needs (even if you’re a gamer) but students can save up to 20% with Dell Advantage site-wide!

It’s easy to sign up, students get free delivery and you can even combine your Dell Advantage discount with other money-off promotions to get some absolutely fantastic deals! 

You can find out more about Dell Advantage here

Not sure what you’re going to need? Don’t worry - we’ve picked out a few highlights below that’ll help you through the next year and beyond…  

XPS Laptops & Desktops (10% off with Dell Advantage)

New for 2020 are Dell’s XPS laptops. With 13, 15 & 17 inch options available based upon your needs, the range has been critically praised by tech-media worldwide. 

In fact, TechRadar said: “The Dell XPS 15 is easily the best 15-inch laptop on the market, and in a lot of ways it's the best laptop period. It's extremely powerful, stylish and light enough to carry around town. We seriously can't find anything that holds it back.” 

It’s the perfect option for all forms of school-work, including video/image editing and other heavy-duty creative tasks and to top it off all models feature a colour accurate 16:10 ‘InfinityEdge’ display with super-thin bezels to keep you fully engrossed in your content as well as Woven Glass Fibre surface which is cool to the touch, tough and light! 

Get your XPS discounts here

Inspiron Laptops & Desktops (Up to 10% off with Dell Advantage)

Whether you’re checking emails, working on big projects, or safekeeping all your digital content, Inspiron keeps you connected to what matters most to you.

Enjoy features like Instant-power-on, fast charging, finger-print login, and much more!

If it’s value for money you’re after, look no further than Dell’s Inspiron range.

Get your Inspiron discount code here

Gaming Laptops & Desktops (10% off all Alienware & G-Series laptops & desktops with Dell Advantage)

If you’re about studying in the daytime, then gaming in the evening, Dell’s Alienware laptops & desktops are where you need to be.

Delivering incredible performance and product design, high refresh-rate displays, powerful graphics and CPU performance, they really are the ultimate choice for competitive gamers. 

Learn more about Alienware here.

You should also check out Dell’s G-Series laptops & desktops, these are the perfect option for gamers that want the best performance for their given budget and are available with a wide range of configuration options to suit all your gaming needs…

Get your Alienware and G-Series discounts here.  

Monitors (Up to 15% off Dell & Alienware monitors with Dell Advantage)

You’ve probably realised that trying to have 15 different windows open on your laptop may not be the most efficient way of working, so why not invest in monitor?

All Dell Monitors come with a 3-year warranty which supports Advanced Exchange, meaning you get a replacement before sending your current one back!

Whether it’s studying, watching movies, gaming or more, Dell have got you covered.

Get your Dell monitors discount code here

Accessories (20% off all accessories) 

Make sure you’re good to go with Dell’s great offer on accessories too! From backpacks and keyboards to mice, headsets and more make sure you’ve got everything you need to make your time at uni as smooth as possible…

Get your 20% off accessories discount code here. 

NOTE: This article contains affiliate links, which will earn the site a commission if the product is purchased.

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