Eric Blair May 12th

Undisputed kings of the ketchup game, Heinz (don’t @ me), have gotten involved in the current resurgence of the jigsaw with their own addition to the puzzling world…   

We’ve already told you about the 2,000 piece ‘hell puzzle’ which is completely blank, and the completely see-through jigsaw to drive you absolutely wild, and a 40,000 piece Disney puzzle that you’ll need a mansion to complete.

And I’m pretty sure we can chuck this one in the pot alongside those in terms of difficulty as it’s completely, 100% red.


Yep, every single one of its 570 pieces comes in identical Heinz Tomato Ketchup red, which to be fair if you’ve got a lot of extra time on your hands is no bad thing! 

There is a catch though - the puzzles aren’t actually on general sale, to win one you need to visit the Heinz Instagram or Facebook page, like the photograph they've shared and say who you'd ideally like to complete the puzzle with - which I imagine can mean anyone from your best bud who you’re missing during isolation to Derren Brown (if you want it completing quickly) to your celebrity crush who in my case, actually let’s not…

The bad news is that the chances of you getting your hands on one  is probably pretty slim, as Heinz have only released 57 (you see what they didi there) to 17 countries around the world.

David Chalbert, the Senior Brand Manager of Heinz Tomato Ketchup, said: "Heinz is known for its iconic slow-pouring ketchup. 

“In a period when everyone has a little more time on their hands and puzzle popularity has skyrocketed, we wanted to help pass the time by connecting the two.

"We're always looking to deliver fun, contextually relevant ways to give Heinz Tomato Ketchup lovers a smile, and this ridiculously slow, all-red Heinz Tomato Ketchup puzzle felt like the perfect fit."

If you do fail in your quest to win a Heinz jigsaw, there are loads of other awesome puzzles out there for you to sink your teeth into - in fact we’ve pulled a few of them together for you here!

Who knows though, you could be one of the lucky ones, and even if not you can sit and fantasise about spending days completing a devilishly difficult jigsaw puzzle alongside Emma Stone… 

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