Jasmine TomlinsonAugust 8th

Real barking dogs and real talking humans join forces to create Disney's latest live-action remake.

We've been treated to brand, sparkling new editions of Aladdin, The Jungle Book and most recently The Lion King, in Disney's plan to bring some of our most beloved childhood stories to life. It's safe to say Disney fans worldwide are struggling to cope with all the excitement.

In Disney's latest live-action remake though, it's not exactly tigers, panthers or lions we need to watch out for.


Expect cute, fluffy doggies to come to your screens and make their debut for the highly anticipated remake of Lady and the Tramp, brought to us with two sets of respectable casts.

One cast being real life rescue dogs, yes real - thank goodness we're not dealing with lions and hyenas this time round!

These cuddly celebrities include Rose, a cute, big-eyed cocker spaniel, and Monte, a terrier who was rescued from a kill-shelter and adopted by one of the film’s trainers, according to People.

These two pups will be playing the main lovey dovey couple of Lady and Tramp, and i'm so ready to watch that love story all over again.


But of course, we need another cast of humans to help translate their barks and gruffs into a language we can understand. Some of the stars bringing the tale to life are: Tessa Thompson from Creed; animal rights advocate Justin Theroux from Mulholland Drive; Sam Elliot of A Star Is Born; The Lobster's Ashley Jensen; recording artist Janelle Monae, and Avengers' Benedict Wong.

More voice actors have been added to the list, but their pooch-pairings are yet to be announced.


On top of all the excitement, this remake is just part of the celebrations for the official launch of Disney+ on November 12th, a streaming platform set to rival the likes of Netflix, Hayu and more.

It's set to cost about $8 per month, but as part of a new bundle you can also access Hulu and ESPN for $12.99.

I've got to say, I'm feeling extremely pawsitive about this one, but something I am wondering is how will the iconic spaghetti-kiss scene be recreated, with real pooches?

It's driving me barking mad!

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