Abigail MeadowNovember 28th

Watch out Baileys, it seems like Hotel Chocolat are stepping onto your turf after releasing a new liqueur that tastes exactly like After Eights.

The new drink promises the moreish combination of chocolate and mint that we’ve come to love from After Eight chocolates, which adds the perfect amount of sophistication to any occasion.

The description reads "After spending two years perfecting our original Chocolat Cream Liqueur, Chef David Demaison of our Cacao Innovation Team turned his hand to creating the ultimate mint cream liqueur - an after-dinner mint and drinkable digestif, all in one.


"Taking our Mint Royale selector and Peppermint Super Thin Truffles as the benchmark, David experimented with various fresh and fragrant mint oils until he discovered the ideal blend of cooling peppermint and warming vodka, real cream and 70% dark chocolate."

The Mint Chocolat Cream Liqueur costs £25 and you can purchase it in store or on the Hotel Chocolat website.

After Eights are always a huge success at Christmas time, and now you can even get them in an orange flavour!


The new treats were shared on the Insta page NewFoodsUK and surprisingly split followers of the page, with some saying it sounded gross, while others were super excited to get their hands on them!

One simply wrote 'THE HORROR' and another put 'No thanks...'

But on the other hand, people couldn't believe their luck. "Life made!!" wrote one user while another, slightly less enthusiastic person simply said: "Weird, but nice."

But we're not gonna knock it until we try it...


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