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SOS-UK/Hope for the FutureOctober 10th

While many millions of people right across the UK are facing the prospect of unmanageable energy bills this winter, here at TOTUM we've joined forces with charities SOS-UK and Hope for the Future.

Both organisations are doing amazing work to help students do everything in their power not only to help keep their energy bills down but also to access any support available and campaign for long-term, sustainable solutions to the energy and climate crises.



SOS-UK’s Homes Fit For Study campaign is continuing this year after their findings showed that over 40% of student housing showed signs of damp, 75% of students weren't sure if they were getting the best deal for their energy and 40% of students find energy bills confusing.

Want to get involved? Volunteer with SOS-UK to:

  • Save energy and money this winter

  • Make your home warmer

  • Gain employability skills

  • Get paid!

Join the online: Student Home Energy Auditor training, 2-5pm on the 26th or 27th October.

Learn how to conduct a student home energy audit with training, and put your new skills into practice by conducting audits of your own. Open to all UK students private renting whilst at university, no experience needed- £15 bursary for each completed audit!

Apply to join the training and become an auditor.

Keep up to date with the campaign on instagram, twitter, and sign up to our newsletter.

Hope for the Future


Interested in taking SOS-UK’s message one step further? That’s where Hope for the Future comes in. We help people talk effectively to their elected representatives about climate issues to make real change.

On Tuesday 25th October we’re running a free online training event with the #WarmThisWinter campaign to help people communicate with their MPs and cCouncillors about the cost of living, gas and climate crisis.

We’ll outline the four #WarmThisWinter practical solutions that the government can take to address the soaring energy prices, cost of living and climate crisis.

  1. Provide emergency support now

  2. Help to upgrade homes

  3. Cheap energy

  4. Free us from oil and gas

Coming together as a community and reaching out to our elected representatives about these practical solutions will help show the government that we want immediate, appropriate action.

We’re helping communities all over the country engage with their representatives to create meaningful change for the climate.

Find out what we’re up to:

Instagram @hopeforthefuture_uk

Facebook @Hope4TFuture

Twitter @HopeFTFuture

Linkedin @HopefortheFuture

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