Eric BlairApril 8th

Now that it looks like a Jäger Bomb with your mates on a night out isn’t going to be happening for a while, it looks like we may have to consider other ways of getting our fix… 

Well, don’t worry, Jägermeister themselves have come up with an innovative new way for us to enjoy the sweet aroma of their medicinal beverage not only without leaving our homes but without the ensuing hangover!

The company has released a limited edition Jäger Bath Bomb! Admit it, you’re intrigued at the idea of sinking into a nice warm herbal-scented bathtub aren’t you…


The new bombs will turn your bathwater a vibrant green and will hit your nostrils with distinctive aroma of Jägermeister’s classic aromatics including aniseed, sweet orange and cinnamon. 

Now, the bombs were officially launched on April 1st (I know what you’re thinking) however, Jägermeister have confirmed that the bath bombs are 100% real and are currently available to buy from their website. 

The bombs are the brainchild of Tim Hawley, who is the Innovation Controller at Jägermeister UK.

Tim explained: "I recently attended a webinar on the importance of immersing yourself in the brand. That evening as I bombed into my extra-deep custom tub, the idea came to me.”

And it sounds like the bath bombs are a hit with Jägermeister’s 'In House Test-Meister Pete’, who said: "It ticks all my boxes - there was a little splash when I dropped it in, a gentle waft of Jägermeister hitting my nose and a warming feeling of contentment."

If this sounds like the kind of thing that you - or someone you know - is in to you'll have to be quick. 

They're limited edition only, and you don’t want to be missing out!

They’re available on the Jägermeister website as part of a pack, which contains two bombs, two 2cl bottles of Jäger and two bandanas, and is priced at what seems like a very reasonable £9.99!


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