Joe Thomas Has Been In Relationship With One Of His Inbetweeners Co-Stars For More Than 10 Years | TOTUM
Holly BarrowAugust 4th

It feels like forever since Will, Simon, Jay and Neil - otherwise known as The Inbetweeners - last graced our screens.

The popular Channel 4 comedy saw the four boys' extremely cringey but equally hilarious endeavours over three series, coming to an end in 2010 (just a reminder that that's over a decade ago if you want to feel old).

But it turns out some things from the show are still going strong, specifically a relationship which blossomed during filming.


Simon, played by Joe Thomas, had a tragic experience with love - fans will remember the moment his girlfriend, Tara (Hannah Tointon), took him on a trip to Warwick to have some 'lovely sex together' which took a turn for the worst when he couldn't... perform.

After an awkward exchange followed by Simon exposing himself to a room full of people, Tara asked him to never contact her again, meaning their relationship spanned just three episodes. The epitome of romance.

But perhaps unknown to many, actors Joe Thomas and Hannah Tointon who played the doomed lovers actually went on to date in real life, and they're still going strong 12 years later.

According to the Metro, the two moved in together a couple of years after The Inbetweeners ended before becoming engaged in 2017.


They're relatively private about their relationship, however Thomas did speak about his life with Tointon in an interview with Lorraine Kelly.

Discussing how they had teamed up to work together again for the comedy film The Festival, he told the presenter it was 'nice and easy' to work with Tointon, joking: "I've just got used to it. She's just in everything. Because my brain is so simple, I was just like 'Yep, there she is!' "It went very well, I think." Speaking on how their relationship blossomed, Tointon told You magazine in 2018 about how Thomas offered to walk her to the tube station after filming had finished one night. "When he walked away he did this half turn and looked at me," she said.


"I wasn’t exactly sure what he was doing. He told me later he was going for a 'smouldering look' – which clearly passed me by.

"We would talk to each other a lot on set. He also comes from Essex and is really family orientated – he has three younger brothers. He was totally fascinating and he would make me laugh and laugh. He knows about everything from astrophysics to football…but he wasn’t very good at picking up signs. Just before filming finished I told him I really liked him. We went on our first date and that was it."

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