Eric BlairMay 12th

In what could potentially be game-changing news, you can now buy tubs of Lotus Biscoff ice cream with Chocolate Fudge Brownie chunks. Yikes.

Back in February which, right now seems like an absolute age ago, we brought you the exciting news that everyone’s favourite sweet treat brand - Lotus Biscoff - were releasing tubs of ice cream in the UK.

At the time we wrote: “Combining an indulgent dairy Lotus Biscoff ice cream base that is packed with Lotus Biscoff spread swirls, and crunchy Lotus Biscoff biscuit bits (doesn't that sound great to say Biscoff biscuit bits), we think this one will definitely be flying off the shelves.


“The ice cream tubs will be hitting supermarkets from early March and will be priced at £3.99, so you better be prepared as we expect this will be one to fly off the shelves.

"People say you can't buy happiness, but this is happiness in a 460ml tub. Who needs friends when you've got Biscoff, AMIRITE?”

What we didn’t know was that they’d only go and release a Chocolate Fudge Brownie version too did we?!

There’s precious little info about the new addition to the range other than that it’s available in stores now. But, exciting as it is, we would never suggest you head out to buy it right now, but there’s no harm in adding a tub to your weekly essentials shop or adding it to your online order is there?

I mean, we could all do with a bit of a treat right now couldn’t we!?

If you’re fully on board with the Biscoff hype, you may be interested to know that you can now get a Biscoff cookbook!

The Biscoff Cookie & Spread Cookbook: Irresistible Cupcakes, Cookies, Confections, and More by blogger Katrina Bahl is now available on Amazon

Priced at £10.44 for the Kindle edition and £17.52 in hardback, the book is absolutely packed with over 70 recipes featuring your favourite Biscoff products - a quick glance through at the photos will have you drooling in no time.


The description reads: “Who can say no to something called ‘cookie butter’? Especially when it’s baked into such treats as Caramel Biscoff Brownies, Crunchy Biscoff Pretzel Cups, or Biscoff Buttercream Cupcakes? 

“The taste is similar to a sophisticated peanut butter, but this delicious spread is made from cookies, not nuts. It was born in Belgium on a reality television show and became wildly popular almost overnight.

“Home chefs everywhere have embraced the spread and the cookies as go-to ingredients for cakes, mousses, candies, and more.

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