Laura Rogan July 9th

It's the summer of love, and it's catching on globally!

Following four and a half highly successful seasons of 'Love Island' here in the UK, our Aussie friends across the globe were blessed with their own version of the reality dating show (which was arguably way more savage than ours) and it seems like the Island fever isn't going anywhere anytime soon... AKA it's time to stop being a hater and just embrace it for the joy that it truly is.

Thanks to the huge viral success of both versions, Love Island is continuing to infect the globe with its addictive, cultural trend-setting ways and has been snapped up by CBS to gift our American pals with.


Avid fans of the show will remember it in its original form way back in 2005 where the likes of Calum Best and Bianca Gascoigne found love in Fiji on 'Celebrity Love Island', and it seems CBS have took a leaf out of the luxury book by shipping off its contestants to the enviable South Pacific island to spend the duration of the show - as opposed to our fairly local but lovable Mallorca where 'Love Island Australia' also films.

Yep, that's right... Us Brits and Aussies are stuck with Mallorca while our mates across the pond swan about living their best lives in FIJI!


Anyway, while we all turn green with envy despite having no interest whatsoever of being on the show, here's a peek of the 'Love Island USA' villa in all of it's tropical glory...


The first major change is the toned-down Hideaway, designed by New York decor expert Jonathan Adler - who's opted for more subtle, romantic colours with fun decorative touches in comparison to the UK's racy, seductive look.


The villa itself has a much more tropical theme, although the outdoor section has similarities to the UK villa set-up with outdoor beds to relax and have private conversations and a large pool space.

usa villa

While the bedroom space remains shared, it looks like they have a tiny bit more space between beds... How regal...


And last but not least... Why fix it if it ain't broke? The iconic firepit has taken inspiration from the original villas.


The series premiered last night featuring 11 singletons looking for love in paradise, and unfortunately is only airing in the USA on CBS - but fear not, UK fans may be able to tune in via CBS All Access, Hulu, DirecTVNow and Youtube TV to catch up on the latest.

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