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Ben HaywardApril 13th

Manchester United footballer and anti-poverty activist, Marcus Rashford has teamed up with the Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge to teach young people how to cook.

The pair will present ‘Full Time’, a series of five-minute videos demonstrating how’s to cook quick, healthy, filling meals on a tight budget. 

Rashford admits he hadn’t done much cooking (apparently he’d never peeled a carrot!) before his Full Time sessions with Kerridge, but the chef says he’s making good progress, and that his ‘meticulously chopped carrots show a rare attention to detail’.


“If football goes to pot, Marcus definitely has a job working with us,” says Kerridge.

The series is part of Rashford’s ongoing food-poverty campaign, and hopes to help people move away from a reliance on takeaways and cheap convenience foods that offer little nutritional value.

Featuring 52 recipes, each chosen for chosen for being filling, nutritious, ’pocket friendly’ and able to be recreated with easily available ingredients, each dish in the series will cost between 25p and £1 a portion, says Kerridge. 

They will also require very few kitchen appliances, with a single pan or microwave all that’s required for most recipes.

Full Time


One recipe will be released on Instagram each Sunday morning over the next year, with dishes including chicken stir fry, broccoli and cauliflower cheese, and fish pie jackets just a few examples of what to expect. 

The objective was to remove the ‘fear factor’, says Kerridge. “There’s nothing ‘out there’, crazy or wild, it isn’t [about] making tagines or braising beef brisket.” 

Like Rashford, Kerridge was also on free school meals as a kid, and coming from a single parent household he had to learn basic cooking as a teenager.

Another dish included on the Full Time menu includes is a fish finger sandwich, a meal which Kerridge remembers first preparing for aged 14 him and his younger brother while his mum was out at her second job.

Recent estimates by the Food Foundation suggest an astonishing 2.3 million children were food insecure at some point during the first few months of the pandemic, meaning they went hungry or struggled to eat healthily. 

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