Eric BlairMay 10th

Chocoholics have got a couple of new treats to try out when they get the chance, as Mars have just released brand new Maltesers Buttons and Galaxy Triple Chocolate cakes.

So, let’s start with the Maltesers Buttons one shall we? Featuring - in their words - a  moist chocolate sponge cake filled with a dark chocolate frosting, it is then topped with milk chocolate buttercream and decorated with Maltesers Buttons.

Just in case you’ve never tried them, Maltesers Buttons contain crunchy little honeycomb pieces, and are absolutely delicious!


And, judging by the reaction online, it seems like people were pretty excited by the news: “That Maltesers cake though,” commented one person. "My life is complete, OMG!" said another.

As for the Galaxy Triple Chocolate cake, well do we really need to say anything? It features the same moist chocolate cake as the Malteser one but boasts a white chocolate filling and is decorated with Galaxy Ripple pieces as well as other chocolatey treats… 

Foodie Helen J Tea said: "I loved the flavour of the white chocolate frosting filling and it was generously decorated with mini Ripple pieces, chocolate drops and white chocolate curls.”

But it doesn’t even stop there! A new Milky Way Shooting Star Cake has also been released.

Layered with delicious chocolate ganache, frosting and a milk chocolate decoration, it sounds like the cakey equivalent of a classic Milky Way - a far underrated chocolate bar if you ask me…


Obviously - tempting as it may be - we aren’t suggesting you go rushing out to get your hands on these but there’s no harm in adding them to your essentials or even tagging them onto the end of your online order is there?

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