Eric BlairJuly 23rd

Plans could be afoot to bring back fan favourite Jon Bernthal to play violent vigilante Frank Castle aka ‘The Punisher’.

When Disney announced that it was launching its own streaming service, a whole host of Marvel series that had previously been available to stream on Netflix began the process of being moved over to Disney+

However, it’s fair to say that some of Marvel’s output doesn’t necessarily fit in with Disney’s family-friendly image - and The Punisher certainly falls into that category!


Dishing out his own brand of violent vigilante justice Frank Castle takes on the role of judge, jury and executioner with predictably savage consequences...

The nature of the show makes the future of the character - along with other more adult superheroes like Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones - a little uncertain. 

But, there are whispers from within the industry that there could yet be hope for some of the se less family-friendly characters as according to Mikey Sutton from Geekosity: All Things Pop Culture, there's a rumour that Marvel Studios are plotting to bring back actor Jon Bernthal to play the brutal vigilante.

Sutton wrote: “Because the Punisher is such a violent character, toning him down for Disney+ wouldn't work; Disney is quite aware of this, and there are no plans for his show to continue on that streaming channel.


"There has been chatter about either FX or Hulu for The Punisher to hunt and kill criminals, free from censorship. Regardless of which of the two he ends up, details have begun to emerge on where his future stands."

However, Sutton was keen to point out that if even if Bernthal did reprise the role, a new series would pick up from where the last one left off. 

"First of all, Marvel Studios intends to bring back Bernthal," Sutton announced online. "However, it doesn't mean the new series will follow the continuity of the Netflix program especially when the multiverse can now explain it away. Or it can they will simply not refer to it (sic).”


Sutton also wrote a bout a potential title for the new show, suggesting it could be called Punisher War Journal, after the 80s comic book and said Marvel Studios is also discussing Charlie Cox reprising his role as Daredevil and cameoing in the show alongside Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury.

He wrote: “Marvel Studios would like other adult-oriented heroes to guest including Daredevil (as with Bernthal, they’d love for Charlie Cox to reprise the role) and Samuel L. Jackson in his foul-mouthed Fury.”

All very up in the air, but exciting all the same… 

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