Eric BlairOctober 19th

In great news for hangovers everywhere, McDonald's has just released a new addition to its - often lifesaving - breakfast menu.

As of today, fans of a Maccies breakfast can treat themselves to the brand new Breakfast Roll which had previously only been available in Ireland.

Packed with bacon, a sausage patty, cheese, and a free-range egg - and topped off with a choice of ketchup or brown sauce, it’s hitting all the breakfast notes in one go.

It’ll set you back £2.79 and will be available during breakfast hours from 5am to 11am - basically, if you can never decide which McMuffin to get, you can now have it all in one bap!

The new addition comes just a couple of weeks after the fast food chain announced a whole host of new menu items. 

The headline addition was the spicy quarter pounder that offers a pepper jack cheese, onions, jalapeños, mustard and spicy ketchup twist on the classic burger.

Also added were the McChicken BLT sandwich, a deluxe quarter pounder, nacho cheese wedges and a salted caramel latte.

The McChicken BLT (£5.19) is the same as a regular McChicken sandwich, but with the addition of bacon and tomato.

The 'deluxe' quarter pounder is a fancier version of the regular sandwich - which will set you back a little m ore than the standard version - and the returning nacho cheese wedges will come in either five piece (£1.79) or 20 wedge sharing box (£4.79).

The wedges are made up of bites of spicy jalapeño cheese, covered in fried tortilla chips.

The new items are available until Tuesday November 17th in restaurants, drive-thru locations, and for home delivery via Uber Eats and Just Eat. 

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