Eric BlairSeptember 14th

In headlines I never thought I’d find myself writing - McDonald’s is now selling three-foot-long Chicken McNugget body pillows.

Made in collaboration with rapper Travis Scott, if you do fancy snuggling up with your very own nugget-shaped pillow, you’ll have to saver up those pennies as you’ll be required to fork out a staggering $90 for one!

That’s £70, which if you we were wondering, would actually buy you fourteen, 20 nugget sharing boxes here in the UK. I know which I’d rather go for…

But, it seems like I may be in the minority as the current batch the already sold out on the rapper's website and won't be shipped for nine to 12 weeks - don’t worry too much ig you’ve got your heart set on one though - McDonald's is planning to replenish the stock of merchandise over the coming days. Phew!

If cosying down with a giant nug isn't your thing, there are a few other options you could choose from. T shirts, hoodies and jeans, key rings, rugs and basketballs, lunch boxes and trays, it’s all up for grabs. 

The company's US chief marketing officer Morgan Flatley told Business Insider that McDonald's decided to team up with Scott because of his cultural impact, especially when it comes to younger customers. 

Mr Flatley said: "His ability to kind of see where culture is going and have a hand in where culture is going is really unique.

"Then you couple that with his huge followership and his fans, social-media footprint, and ... 3 billion streams. He just has an incredible audience.”

And as you can imagine, people have been taking to social media to air their views on the new collab. One said: "I just bought a McDonald's chicken nugget body pillow. What is wrong with me?"

Another added: "I bought a $90 pillow that looks like a McDonald's McNugget. Hopefully it'll fill any type of loneliness feeling I have at night.”

There was also some pretty big news for fans of a Maccies cheeseburger a couple of weeks back, with the fast-food giant introducing a triple cheeseburger to its saver menu. 

The announcement comes following a successful (of course) trial where customers in Yorkshire were among the first to try the new burger when it was tested across 60 restaurants in February.

In a statement,McDonald’s said: "Following a successful trial period earlier this year, the Triple Cheeseburger will now officially join the Saver Menu as a permanent addition from Wednesday 2 September.”

The new triple pretty much exactly the same as the normal cheeseburger/double cheeseburger but with - you guessed it - an extra burger, and will cost £2.19. 

Maybe you could snuggle up with your giant nugget pillow and much on your triple cheeseburger!

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