Eric BlairMay 11th

Nestle have just released an updated version of their classic Milkybar, adding a ripple of delicious milk chocolate into the mix. Oh yes.

The brand new Milkybar Whirl is part pure Milkybar, part-rich milk chocolate which has serious echoes of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Marble which - come to think of it I haven’t seen around for some time… Investigation required. 

Made with 100% real milk, the Milkybar Whirl adds a hint of indulgent milk chocolate to the traditional recipe and to be fair it seems to have got people pretty excited, with social media erupting in a wave of drooly face emojis and people demanding to know where they can get their hands on one.


We spotted on the home of all your snack news - newfoodsuk - who posted a pic of the tempting treat on their Instagram page along with the caption: “New!!! Milkybar Whirl!” 

However what follows is admittedly slightly disappointing, as they write: “This is new to Australia and UK website @gbgifts has it already in stock! “

But, back to good news, don’t forget that TOTUM members get an exclusive 12% discount site-wide at the aforementioned GB Gifts, so why not head over and bag yourself a 45g bar of Milkybar whirl for £2.99?

If this has got you thinking about white chocolate - but not wanting to splash out three quid on an import - you could always try out Cadbury’s new ‘sharing’ sized White Chocolate with Oreo bar?

We’ve not had the chance to try them yet, but Kev’s snack reviews managed to get hold of some of the smaller bars when they were first released and the review speaks for itself…

“I couldn’t wait to try one and they didn’t disappoint,” writes Kev. “They’re like classic Cadbury Oreo bars but with white chocolate over the Oreo filling.

“They’re super sweet and a little bit sickly but I enjoyed them! The filling has a hint of vanilla and melts in the mouth with nice bursts of crunchy Oreo to break up the flavour. The white chocolate adds to the overall creaminess. As they’re so sweet you won’t want to eat more than one…probably.”

That’s good enough for me Kev. 

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