OnlyFans Star Who Makes £100k A Month Is Buying Houses To Help Low Income Families | TOTUM
Eric BlairJanuary 27th

A famous OnlyFans content creator is using a portion of her earnings to help low-income families find shelter.

Rebecca Goodwin has promised to purchase houses and rent them out at affordable rates to families who are struggling amid the cost of living crisis in the UK.

28-year-old Rebecca - who earns around £100,000 a month from her OnlyFans - announced her ‘affordable housing scheme’ via Twitter earlier this week.

She wrote: “The ball is now rolling with my ‘affordable housing scheme’. My plan is to buy eight properties outright and rent them out to low income families.


“One house I’ll be renting out is a three-storey, four-bedroom, three-bathroom house with off road parking for two cars, fully furnished, £650 a month!”

When asked more about the scheme in a tweet, Goodwin replied: “I make enough profit on OnlyFans, I have no mortgages so rent payments are 100 per cent profit except maintenance and insurance, this is a side hustle that my kids can inherit.

“I’m not doing it to make me more money I’m doing it invest in my kids futures.”

In response to her plans one person said: “Now, if you, one person (who is spending their own hard earned cash to create affordable housing) can do it – why can’t the government? With the billions in taxpayer revenue? I applaud what you’re doing, you’re a kind soul, but I could cry for the state of the country rn.”

Someone else said: “This is something incredible and life changing for some families who have never had a place to call home or in a constant money struggle to keep a roof over their heads. As someone who is a year out of predicted 3 in temp housing and struggling to even rent my first prop.”

The move to help out families struggling with their finances comes after the star had previously revealed that she and her children had had to live off food stamps before her career took off.

Speaking to The Independent, Goodwin - who is a single mother to her girls aged 11 and four - said she had struggled to provide for her daughters in the past and that they had survived on food provided by voucher stamps each week.

She said: “I was a single mum and I couldn’t work as I had a baby and wouldn’t be able to afford childcare for her.

“I was looking for things I could do from home. I had a lot of guilt over the things I couldn’t provide for them. I couldn’t even afford formula for my baby. I knew Only Fans was a massive risk but I was desperate.”

And it wasn’t long before business was booming. In the first 10 days on the platform she made £1,600 from selling her content, but things got even more unbelievable as shortly after Rebecca began making £10,000 a month which has now climbed to a staggering £100,000 per month.

She said: “I had never earned so much in a month before. Now I’ve been able to buy a house and a Porsche. Just before I started OnlyFans I was in £15,000 of debt and got a debt relief order.

“[Now I’ve been able to] save for six months to buy a four-bed house outright.”

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