Eric BlairJuly 8th

With trips to the cinema still out of the question for most people in the UK there are few things we can do to try and recreate the experience at home. 

From projectors, to setting the mood with your very own reactive lighting, to the perfect takeaway to accompany your movie, people have been getting creative when it comes to movie night treats. 

Well, one thing that is essential to replace is obviously the snacks. And people have been going absolutely mad for one in particular… 


Spotted on the Insta page of snack gurus, newfoodsuk, fans of a sweet treat have been absolutely loving this new release from Cake Decor - their movie night cupcake kit.

Accompanying a rather delicious-looking set of photos of the cupcakes, newfoodsuk wrote: “Super easy and fun to make - these have a great taste, topped with ready to use vanilla frosting, popcorn and salted caramel sauce (which is delicious)!

“Create 6 of these beauties, with only adding egg, oil and water! Simple! Enjoy!” As soon as you add salted caramel sauce to anything I’m sold to be honest.

The kits are currently available in a few different supermarkets for around the £2.30 mark - and when you consider you’ll get six out of that (once you’ve added you other ingredients of course) that’s not too bad at all. 

And it’s fair to say that fans have been bowled over by them, with the post gaining over 12,000 likes and loads of comments ranging from ‘omg they look amazing’ to ‘can’t believe they’ve put popcorn on top of something’ to ‘I think they look incredible’.

Really can’t disagree with any of that. 


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