People Are Freaking Out After Seeing What Cats' Paws Look Like Without Fur | TOTUM
Ben HaywardNovember 3rd

While many of us cat lovers have spent a fair amount of time cooing over their cute little furry hands, have you ever considered what their paws would look like without fur?

Well, wonder no more, as a TikToker has now shared a close up of a Sphynx cat’s extended, hairless, alien-like paw, and it’s freaking people out. 

@Chantellefen (you should definitely check out her TikTok) posted her reaction to seeing a Sphynx paw alongside the shocking picture. “I just found out what cats paws look like without fur and I can’t stop thinking about it,” she said in the caption.

And judging by everyone else’s reactions, it seems lots of people will be having nightmares.

“I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see this,” wrote one TikTok user in the comments after seeing the picture. Someone else replied: “I’m just gonna delete that from my brain browser.”

Another person wrote: “Ur paying for my therapy now,” to which @chantelleef quipped: “I’ll pay in full. My apologies.” While a third joked: “I won’t sleep tonight.”

But don’t worry, the fear wasn’t universal, there were also a whole load of Sphynx enthusiasts elsewhere in the comments, showing off their love for the breed. 


“Sphynx cat owners already knew,” wrote one cat owner. While someone else - who owns three of the unique breed - defended them, writing: “They are very cute and most of them have kind of a weird personality.”

Subject to strict breeding standards outlined by The International Cat Association (TICA), Sphynxs have a number of characteristics - as well as having no fur of course - that distinguish them from other breeds including paw pads that are thicker than other cat breeds, giving the appearance of walking on little cushions!

Known for being extroverts, full of energy, intelligent, curious and affectionate, many Sphynx owners say the cats are actually very ‘dog-like’, often greeting their owners at the door and being friendly with strangers.

So while their paws may look a little unusual, it turns out they’re actually pretty awesome pets! 

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