Ben HaywardAugust 7th

If shows like The Confession Tapes, The Keepers and Mindhunter had you hooked, the chances are you’re going to like this…

Netflix Original series, I Am A Killer, tells the stories of ten convicted murderers all living on death row. In their own words they describe the events leading up to the murders, what motivated them and what it's like to live on death row.

Both grisly and harrowing, each story is completely different from the last, and delves into the different worlds, circumstances and events that can turn someone into a cold-blooded killer.


Just to give you a taste of what to expect, one of the most intriguing cases introduces us to Miguel Angel Martinez, who was sentenced to death for his role in a 'satanic' murder back in 1991.

Aged just 17, Martinez was the youngest person ever to be sentenced to death in Texas, however his punishment was reduced to life imprisonment in 2002.

The brutal murder in which Martinez was involved alongside two other men, Miguel Venegas and Milo Flores, left three people dead. While it wasn’t planned, the three men had already visited the same house a few times to steal things in exchange for drugs.


Apparently that was the plan on this occasion too, before things took a sinister turn. "We decided to go to that house. It was supposed to be what we had done before. Nobody home, go in and take something,” said Martinez.

"When we got to the house I had a bad feeling. Venegas walks over [and] when he came back he told me there's somebody in the house, which was a surprise. 

“My thoughts were to get away… there was something that changed with Venegas. He was on a mission, and it was not to go steal anything… to him, he was on a mission from Satan.”

Urged on by Venegas who had just stabbed a man, Martinez went on to stab the same guy before stealing a TV from the living room and fleeing the scene.


Venegas has since claimed that ‘Satanic impulses’ played a role in the murders, saying he believed the devil was going to kill him unless he killed those people first. 

And it sounds like the show has already got people hooked, with fans flooding to Twitter to talk about it:




All ten episodes of I Am A Killer are available to watch on Netflix.

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