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Eric Blair November 10th

With the weather taking a decidedly chilly turn over the last week, it’s time to delve into that winter wardrobe!

But, as opposed to your standard woolly jumper, what if you could have an item of clothing that actually heats up to keep you toasty?

Well, it turns out that Amazon is currently selling a heated jumper, which happy customers are calling the 'best item they've ever bought’.


Priced at what seems like a very reasonable £35.99, the unisex pullover sweatshirt, comes in a navy blue colour, is apparently made of super soft material and features two heating elements that generate heat across the back and waist.

Heated via a power bank, according to the description the jumper will provide you with seven hours of warmth once fully charged and even features three different heat settings - 45-55°C, 55-60°C and 60-65°C - meaning you can adjust it to be as toasty as you like! 

"The Heating Jumper is suitable for outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, skiing, fishing, hunting or daily office life and business activities in autumn and winter," the product description explains.


And it seems people are absolutely loving their purchase with loads of positive reviews.

One person wrote: "I’m wearing it right now! And 0M Gee my happy I’m wearing it! [sic] It’s a warm and cosy and feels like a jacket that has just come out of the tumble dryer… Do you know that warm cosy but not too hot feeling!! Well worth it during these cold nights."

While another said: "Very surprised as it is well made and lovely and thick, my partner is very happy with her jumper. It doesn't take long to warm up and she said it is like putting it on after it's been tumble dried. She will be wearing it every time she goes for a walk in the cold."

Someone else said: "Bought for my husband and it’s the best item I’ve ever bought him.” While a fourth added: “Awesome. Had it on for work every day while the cold snap has been on. Fantastic... really warm and toasty right across the back and shoulders... Would recommend to anyone.”


And if you’re after something to keep your hands nice and toasty while you work, how about a heated mousemat?

This incredibly revolutionary item will keep your hand nice and toasty while you're working away on your next assignment.

To get it working you need to plug it into your USB port and hey presto, the fluffy mitt heats up to keep your hand nice and warm.

You can turn the heat on and off and it comes in a whole host of different colours ranging all the way from white, through beige, coffee, dark green, lavender to magenta.


You can get one on Amazon for just £16.99 but they're shipped from Hong Kong, so don't expect to be getting it thought your door straight away.

And the reviews are just as good as you'd think.

One customer wrote: "I have a mild form of Raynaud's and no matter what I do, once I get working at my computer my mouse hand turns to ice in minutes. But no more - this thing works!"

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