Jasmine TomlinsonAugust 29th

Halloween's around the corner, and things are getting spooky.

An army of little furry creatures have been spotted lurking around, and apparently they're covered in spikes, fins, and, shiny stuff...

That's right, move over humans, it turns out guinea pigs and hamsters are the new kids on the block when it comes to Halloween costumes this year.


Damn, they found their outfits quick, and I'm jealous because I just know how long it'll take me to decide on my costume and get it all sorted.

Well I guess they did have a little help from PetSmart, as the American animal product geniuses have designed and released their latest batch of Halloween costumes for small pets, and they've got everyone going 'awwwww!'.

They certainly are more 'aw' than 'boo!', as we can expect shimmering mermaid tails and tiaras, fluffy bumblebees, ponchos and sombrero hats.


Now this is the kind of dress-up party I want to be invited to.

Perhaps pets dressed as mini IT clowns, large spiders and baby Voldemorts seemed a bit risky for pet owners, you never know when you might get a surprise and drop your wine glass all over the floor.

Come to think of it, Voldemort's nose kind of looks like a guinea pig's??? Okay, give me a second, I've only just thought about this and I'm a little mind blown.


Moving on...

If you have slightly larger pets like dogs, but still want to get them in the Halloween spirit, they have a whole other section for doggy costumes.

Turn your furry pals into walking sumo wrestlers, lions with luscious manes, or even hot dogs - whatever takes your pup's fancy!

I wonder if giving pets Halloween presents is a thing? If it is, I'm sorted for gift ideas.

The best thing is that their costumes for small pets only cost between $4 and $7, and everybody - and every pet - loves a good bargain.


Do be careful though, as some pets are introverts and aren't really looking for an eccentric party outfit - you can click here for PetSmart's page on tips regarding the happiness and safety of your pets when dressing them up.

Which outfit is your favourite? To be honest, I'm split between the dog's sloth costume and the guinea pig in the pineapple.

Let's be honest, those guinea pigs can rock a pineapple outfit better than we ever could.

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