Abigail MeadowMarch 23rd

You’ve probably read and heard a load of differing advice on how to stay safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We’ve seen it too… there’s a lot! 

Keeping your own physical and mental health in tip-top condition is incredibly important but right now - in the current situation we’re finding ourselves in, we have an obligation to look after others too. 


NHS staff, retail workers, teachers, government workers and many more are putting their health at risk every day to ensure you can stay safe – but more importantly, when this is all over, making sure your lives can return back to normal. 

They don’t have a choice about whether to stay inside or not. But you do.

If you’re able to work or study from home, it has been heavily advised by the government that you should do so. 

As fun as it sounds to gather friends together to hang out and complete coursework, you shouldn’t.

Self-isolating doesn’t include cross-contaminating households. Self-isolation means staying put in your own home. It does not include, having visitors such as family and friends in your home. 

Mixing in other homes is non-essential and increases the risk of contamination and catching the virus. So that group study sesh will just have to wait. 

Just because you’re physically inside a house, doesn’t mean you’re safe from spreading the virus.

Even once inside you’re supposed to stay three steps (approximately one metre) away from other people.

If it is an absolute necessity for you to go outside, to either get food or supplies you must wash your hands (you detty pig…) before and after you return.

This doesn’t mean you need gallons of anti-bacterial hand gel, a simple bar of soap will do.

Just because you’re fit and healthy, doesn’t mean everybody else is.

Fighting this virus starts at home with you.

Be kind, be considerate, be safe.

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