Abi MeadowMarch 18th

Renters rejoice, paying over an outrageous amount of money just to have a roof over your head every month is now a little more bearable...

From March 19th renters will be able to take their landlord to court over cold and damp homes.

According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, around 1.4 million people are currently living in poor quality properties.

But now, under the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act, tenants will be able to sue for compensation if their homes aren't up to scratch.


The new ruling first came into effect in March 2019, but only covered tenancies starting that month and onward.

However, from March 19th 2020, it will apply to all existing periodic tenancies including social housing, in England.

Before this legislation renters would need to rely on their local council to investigate living conditions.


Tenants can flag issues such as mould and pest infestations, poor ventiliation, hazards in the home and problems with the water supply. Courts will now deem whether a home is suitable and safe to live in.

If the court deems the property unfit the landlord must issue repairs.

This also means that the courts can order the landlord to award compensation to the tenant - about freakin' time.


Tenants who decide to take landlords to court will have to pay the court fees, unless they are entitled to financial aid. If the tenant wins the case, they may get some money back.

You can read more about taking your landlord to court over housing conditions on the Citizens Advice website.

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