Ben Smith July 10th

After months of speculation, the return of the classic gameshow Supermarket Sweep has been officially announced.

The iconic show, which was previously hosted by the late Dale Winton on ITV2, sees contestants answer a series of questions and riddles which they can later trade for more time when they’re unleashed into the supermarket aisles to collect as many expensive items as possible. The team with the most expensive trolley wins. Simple.

Making the announcement on social media, Rylan (@Rylan) said:

“Been waiting a while to say this but it's finally time to GO WILD IN THE AISLES ONCE AGAIN! "Supermarket Sweep is back, and I can't wait for you to CHECK IT OUT. See you soon on @itv2 #SupermarketSweep"


The announcement was accompanied by a GIF of archived footage from the show, and received endless replies from excited fans, with one person tweeting:

“Omg I actually can’t *laughing emojis* This was THE morning tv student staple at uni. Dale Winton was the *crown emoji* but can’t think of anyone better to bring it back. Well done Rylan *clapping emoji* #WhenYouHearTheBeep #SupermarketSweep”

While another thrilled person tweeted:

“When are the applications open? I’M READY TO SWEEP THE SUPERMARKET”

A premiere date is yet to be announced by ITV2, but we expect the fun to start towards the end of 2019 or early 2020.

If you're not familiar with Supermarket Sweep already, check it out in all of it's glory here...


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