Abigail MeadowOctober 2nd

Scotland is set to be the first UK country to ban smacking children and to make it a criminal offence.

Parents and carers are currently allowed to use 'reasonable' physical force to discipline children, but the Scottish government has backed moves to give children the same protection from assault as adults.

The ban is expected to be backed by Scottish Parliament in a vote this afternoon.


All physical attacks on adults can be classed as assaults but children do not have the same rights. as things stand, parents are allowed to smack their children on the body, however shaking, blows to the head or the use of objects are illegal.

Opinion polls show that people are hugely in favour of a complete ban, however there are campaigns out there, according to the BBC, suggesting the 'unnecessary' changes will do nothing more to help vulnerable children who are the victims of serious physical abuse, but instead will cause traumatic interventions in so-called 'good' families.

In England and Wales it is currently against the law to smack a child so hard that it leaves a mark, bruise, cut or graze, however Wales is also close to an outright ban.


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