Abigail MeadowJanuary 2nd

Instagram is usually a place for selfies, food envy and cute animals, it's not the standard place you'd start for revision, but one student is changing all that.

Zoe Petre, 21, of Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, began posting shots of her notes in September 2016 while studying for her A-levels.

And three and a bit years the later, the Cardiff student has built up quite the Instagram following simply by posting photos of her revision notes online.


Explaining why she began, Zoe said: "My exams weren't going very well. I had already resat my first year, but still wasn't predicted good grades and knew I could do better.

"I realised I needed new revision techniques so I began taking photos of my notes and posting them on Instagram to motivate me."

Initially her @ZoeStudies account was followed by a handful of friends, but it soon started to attract strangers from around the world. She now has more than 40,000 followers.

Alongside the beautifully written notes (they're so tidy compared my mine LOL), Zoe also began to post how she was getting along with her revision and exams.

She also added her tips and tricks on what works best for her and what subjects she chose to study.

And it seems like she stumbled across her magic formula while as her followers increased her grades did too. Zoe told the BBC: "I wanted to go to Cardiff University, but didn't think I'd get the grades.

"But people kept pushing me to succeed and, in the end, I got one A, two Bs and a C grade, which was enough to get in." 

In September 2018, Zoe began a course in biomedical science at Cardiff University.

She continued: "I find Instagramming pushes me and helps me to track my progress, as I always record my highs and lows.

"Some of the people who follow me are Biomed students, which is handy when I get stuck, as someone can usually help," she said. 

"But others aren't necessarily doing the same subject. I believe they see someone else working hard and are encouraged. It feels supportive and gives you a pick me up, motivating you to keep learning."

Zoe is bringing major study vibes to 2020 and we're here for it, all the way to a first class honours!


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