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Ben HaywardJune 16th

A university student in China has become an internet sensation after a video that shows him running ahead of sprinters in a 100m race while filming the action. 

The student, who has yet to be named, well and truly stole the show at the race, and while he did have a head start of a few metres, it looked like he actually managed to maintain the gap throughout the sprint! 

The remarkable video was first posted to YouTube by the Chinese publication Shanghai Eye, who say that the camera and gimbal weighed in at a not insubstantial four kilograms.

And, not only was he running at full pelt carrying that lot - while also  making sure to keep the camera pointed at the racers all the way to the finish - he was was hardly dressed for the occasion either, wearing what looks like jeans and a jacket.

How fast would this guy be without all that!?

The video has been shared by TikTok user @morpheuzz3.0, where it has racked up an impressive 1.5 million views. 

Describing the clip, he said: "This college student from Datong University in China was hired to record the 100m dash at a college track meet.

"However, as you can see, this guy is actually ahead of them and keeping up with the sprinters - while holding a 4kg camera and gimbal at the same time.

"Although he started a few metres ahead, he's still keeping on track and on pace with the sprinters. Just how fast is this guy? How is this even a job, I didn't realise it was? And why isn't he running the race instead?”

As you can imagine, thousands of people have been having their say on the impressive clip. One person said: "Imagine practicing months or years just to be overshadowed by a cameraman."

Someone else wrote: "Plot twist: They are all applying for the vacant cameraman position. While another added: "My guy said, 'Wait a minute, I can win this thing.’”

There’s no word yet on whether the student’s footage was actually any good…

Weirdly, the feat is strangely similar to a comedy Powerade ad that was  aired years ago in which a cameraman wins the gold medal.

What if the whole thing was just a guerrilla ad? We’ll probably never know… 

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