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Ben HaywardJuly 21st

Students hoping to study medicine at one of the UK’s leading universities are being offered free accommodation and £10,000 in cash if they defer their course for a year. Where do I sign up?

Following an 'unprecedented' number of applications for this year, the University of Exeter in Devon has seen interest in its medicine degree soar by 20% compared to last year, reports the BBC.

However, in England, the number of places for medicine is capped by the government - this is due in part to the cost of subsidies required from public funding to cover the estimated £180,000 cost of a medical degree.


As a result, Exeter has asked if anyone who has already accepted an offer to begin studying medicine this year can wait until 2022, offering the incentives of a guaranteed place, a cash bursary of £10,000 which will be received in October of this year and free accommodation at the university's Rowancroft accommodation, which would normally cost £6,574 for an en-suite room or £7,611 for a studio flat.

Professor Mark Goodwin, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Exeter, said: "This is unprecedented for us, something has happened this year to make a higher proportion choose us. More students are holding us as their firm choice this year.

“We want to deliver a really high quality student experience, and deliver those safe and secure NHS placements so we can train the number of doctors the government asks us to train.”

Those students with offers offer are being asked to decide by July 30th if they are willing to defer, which, does sound like a really good deal… 


Other medical schools are also facing similar issues - although on a smaller scale - with Dr Katie Petty-Siphon from the Medical Schools Council explaining that although the same number of places are on offer (7,500) demand is far greater. 

Dr Petty-Siphon says some of this is due to the number of students who chose to defer amid the chaos of last year's A-Level grading,

She said: "In the past the very best applicants might receive four offers which would mean they would reject - and thus free up - places at three medical schools.

"This did not happen this year and so the 'conversion rate' of offers to firmly accepted places has changed, meaning that some medical schools have more acceptances than they were anticipating.

“The government has funded 450 additional places for applicants who were required to defer last year - and so such candidates are not taking up places destined for 2021 applicants."

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