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Ben HaywardApril 8th

A woman has received nearly £40,000 in donations to help pay for her nursing training after her video went viral on social media. 

Naana Aisha Issaka, who is currently employed as a support worker in Nottingham, set up a fundraising page back in August 2020 after her applications for financial support to help do a nursing degree were rejected, reports the BBC. 

However, Naana has now been inundated with donations after the tearful plea she recorded on Instagram went viral last week - with supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne among those who donated to her!


Naana’s fundraiser has now received over 2,600 contributions, surpassing the initial £38,750 target amount, meaning the 22-year-old will be able to use the cash to pay for her tuition, accommodation and travel during the three-year course at De Montfort University in Leicester.

Naana, who was born in Ghana but lived in the UK since she was 10, hit problems when she turned 18 when it turned out her father's visa no longer supported her. As a result, she was detained by the Home Office before being granted leave to remain.

However, her complicated visa status meant that her applications for funding from both Student Finance England and a private student loans company were unsuccessful, while an attempt at gaining a university scholarship also failed.

Although Naana set up the fundraising page over six months ago, it was her heartfelt video that received hundreds of thousands of views and prompted the slew of donations to her cause. 

The video hit huge audiences after being shared by imjustbait, a meme page that boasts millions of followers. 

Naana told the BBC: “I just took my phone and expressed to people what was going on and how I was feeling,” said Naana. “I think from them seeing my emotion and seeing my passion, I think that's just basically what kicked everything off.”

Among the many donators was Cara Delevigne, who gave £2,000 to the appeal last week, writing on the fundraising page: "You are a gift on this planet and I hope your dreams come true. Thank you for everything you do and will come to do in the future."


Naana said : "I was just so shocked. She also posted it so I'm so grateful and thankful. The public has just basically changed my life."

She added that the success of her fundraiser served to highlight the need to help those wanting to get into the healthcare profession who cannot gain access to the necessary finances

"It's not just me in this situation, there are so many students who are also wanting to do a healthcare-related degree, which obviously this country is screaming that they need, but are unable to do because of their circumstances," she said.

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