Eric BlairSeptember 17th

We might be coming to the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still treat ourselves to the odd ice lolly does it?

Especially if those ice lollies taste exactly like a classic brain-freeze inducing Tango Ice-Blast!

If this is all sounding like your kind of thing, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can now get Tango Fizzy Liquid Ice Lollies, which apparently taste just like the classic Ice-Blast but, you know, more solid.

The lollies come with an ‘iced shell’ and a cherry-flavoured liquid core, and are suitable for vegans as there are no animal products artificial colours, flavours or preservatives used in them. 

They’re available in UK supermarkets now, priced at around £2.50 a pack but it sounds like you'll have to be pretty quick as they're selling out fast.

If you do happen to miss out, it could be worth hitting up another source, as in a nostalgic nod to cinema trips of days gone by, people are saying that Co-op’s new ice lolly is also hitting all the notes of the icy treat.

Part of the Co-op’s summer range and suitable for vegans and vegetarians, the fruit-flavoured ice lollies taste of sour cherry and raspberry and are available in stores nationwide, for just £1.10 for a pack of six.

But hang on there - if you think that’s a bargain, don’t forget that TOTUM members get 10% discount every time you shop at the Co-op!

So, if my maths serves me correctly, I make that aa 11p discount on your pack of ice lollies, meaning you can actually pick them up for 99p!

You can’t really argue with six Tango Ice Blast-flavoured ice lollies for under £1 can you? 

Taking to Instagram after trying them out, one Instagram user, named @Kimgoesvegan_, told her followers: "Found the new vegan labelled ice lollies in Coop and they're amazing! They remind me of a kinda vimto/tango ice blast vibe”.

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