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It turns out all those - some would say - ‘mis-spent’ hours you wiled away playing The Sims could actually be your key to success as a reality TV show based on the game is on its way.

Spark'd, a new reality competition series which is out next week (Friday July 17th) is inspired by The Sims 4. 

The four-part series will feature 12 contestants battling it out to see who can mastermind the best creations within the world of the classic computer game.


Contestants will have to navigate their way through a series of skill and elimination challenges (I’m getting serious Crystal Maze vibes) with the goal being for each player to create ‘unique characters, worlds and stories’ for their Sims. 

Oh, and there’s a $100,000 (£79,000) prize up for grabs, with the money going to whichever contestant enables the most interesting storylines for their Sims.

Presented by former American Idol star Rayvon Owen, the series will air in four weekly episodes on TBS and BuzzFeed's Multiplayer YouTube channel.

The contestants and their Sims' storylines will be judged by a panel, featuring singer Tayla Parx and senior Sims developer Dave Miotke.

As things stand there’s no information about who the contestants will be, other than that they’re ‘familiar online personalities who each specialise in their own element of The Sims gameplay’ according to Electronic Arts (EA).

Speaking to The Verge, Lyndsay Pearson, General Manager of The Sims, said: "Something that has always been so special to The Sims is the community and how much our players connect with each other to celebrate, share, collaborate, and show off the things they've been able to make or share their stories.


"What we're doing with Spark'd is a really interesting evolution of exactly that. It's the same DNA, the same motivation.Pearson has compared the structure of the show to programmes like Top Chef or Project Runway, and hopes the competition format will help pull in viewers who are less familiar with the hit video game.

"It can feel daunting if you don't know about a game like The Sims, and you go see these people make something amazing on YouTube.

"But putting it into a format that introduces you to the people behind those creations, that introduces you to the smaller steps through challenges, and gives you insight into how they approach them, I think breaks down some of those assumptions and some of those barriers.”

Playing The Sims for a chance of winning 100 grand? I always knew it would come in useful! 

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